I was born on a Saturday.


My momma almost died. Sure did. Only thing that saved her was the blood they replaced hers with.

Even that almost killed her too. Sure did.

Little ole me didn’t know nothing. Nothing. I was just a baby who had come out of my momma looking for somebody to hold me and keep me warm.

Cause momma was sick, Grandmomma did it. She held me and kept me warm and kept holding me, even til now.

That’s the story of how I was born but the story of how my momma got here is something else.

My grandmomma had her on a cold cot in the hallway of a hospital.

All on her own. Sure did.

She popped my momma out without any medicine or doctors around. True story.

I wish I could tell you the story of how my Grandmomma got here. I wish. But in our family we are told to keep things secret. Don’t tell nobody nothing.

So, shh…

Don’t tell nobody nothing.